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Chronic fatigue, brain fog, sluggishness, sinusitis

I experience Inattentivess, brain fog, lack of energy, slow-thinking, slow-information processing, bad memory. All these symptoms I feel are related to some form of Sluggish cognitive tempo or Chronic fatigue symptom. Can’t keep up in conversations (this is exacerbated by anxiety) but even when i’m watching movies at home by myself I seem to have a really hard time following the plot line. And it’s become worse over time. I also have really hard time with remembering routes. Like when I was walking with my friend to a place in the city, leaving the subway we had to walk for like 15 min to get to a place and we stayed in that place for 1 hour then I was totally dependent on my friend to find the place back to the subway. That was really unnerving and I’m wondering if I have some kind of neurodegenerative disease? Or some form of neurodegeneration going on.

I have general weakness on the left side of my body, which was notated by a neurologist three years ago. which I never noticed before but my left shoulder is slightly lower than my right. coincidentally I have a numb area on my left shoulder, which I’ve had for atleast 5 years. I also have an enlarged lymph-node on the left side of my neck... I know this could be a reach and I might sound super crazy and it doesn't even have to be related but I’ve had a fungal infection on my left foot for many years and I haven’t been able to get rid of it until recently. Also, rarely I can get blisters under my tongue and its always on the left side. I’m just curious if there could potentially be some kind of relationship between these symptoms?

Infection could be implicated in CFS and i’m pretty sure I have chronic sinusitis, I’ve had near-anosmia for the last couple of years. Oddly enough when I rarely would take 100 g or more of seroquel for sleep I suddenly could smell things around me. It wasn’t until recently that I learned that seroquel works as a strong antihistamine at lower doses. But I'm not allergic to anything of what I know of? I'm pretty sure I did some general allergy-testings when I seeked help for chronic nose constipation a few years ago and I tested negative for everything. I also did a CAT scan recently on my sinuses and nothing abnormal showed there, no polyps or something. I really want to fix my chronic sinusitis since it feels really debilitating not being able to smell anything. Anosmia might not be as bad as not being able to see or hear but it is one of our five senses and it really does take away a lot of lifes pleasures. It kinda seems that doctors aren't that keen on investigating the cause of my anosmia unless i'm very assertive and asking for a specific test to be done. So what could I ask my current doctor to do?

I'm also very tired all the time and I have so many plans and things that I wanna do that I can't because of my tiredness. I'm also highly intolerant towards exercise. I've tried running and going to the gym but after 20 min i'm totally out of breathe and just so fatigued I can barely think straight and it's like my body takes the double amount of time into recovering itself than the amount of time I spend exercising, it's simply not worth it.

The same goes with sleeping. If I don't take dexedrine (which i'm prescribed for my "ADD-PI") immediately when I wake up I can sleep 14+ hours and still feel tired. Even while on dexedrine i'm tired and sluggish. This is not sustainable at all. Please, I would really appreciate if someone could guide me through this and give me some tips to where I can start looking for a probable cause, so I can treat it.
If you have candida or fungal problems in your digestive tract, it will increase your histamine levels just like environmental or food allergies. I also don't have any allergies but I react like crazy to food in general in this country. Avoiding refined and GMO foods (in the US corn,sugar,soy) might help.Some people think you need to avoid fruit too. The probiotics Lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus helped me. I eat coconut oil to balance my hormones but it has caprylic acid, which is said to be antifungal.

Anyway, I can fix all my histamine problems with a homeopathic version of barberry called berberis vulgaris. The berberis vulgaris does the same good stuff that histamine does for your body but faster and better. That's how homeopathic medicine works.

I have had all the same problems you mentioned except on my right side. Constant sinusitis. Got lost all the time. Couldn't focus. But for me it alternated between tension, stiffness, swelling, and the weakness. That's a big difference - so hopefully that means you don't have the kind of extreme food reactions I have. Avoiding offensive foods is the only way to fix that. Berberis vulgaris won't help.
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