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Chiropractor X Rays and Thyroid


Senior Member
I was hoping for some pioneering information please :)

I paid for some Chiropractic treatments which included a digital xray.

Things went a bit pear shaped however when i was told digital still meant radiation.

I asked if there was a thyroid protector collar but there was not.

Do they exist for chiropractors?

Have you turned down an xray because of the radiation?

Is there any articles to support my feeling that an xray, no matter how little radiation, was not going to help my thyroid?



But I Look So Good.
Left Coast
I always ask for a neck protector for xrays. My dentist has them and didn't question it when I asked for one.

I think they exist for anyone who wants them. Most gowns I've seen have the collar on them. I might have refused.


Senior Member
Thanks Minkeygirl :)

I will reply better tomorrow hopefully as I am exhausted...

But Dental XRays too should be guarded too, yes. Good point -

I dont think all dentists do this :(
Amd there is scandal where Dentists try to force a yearly xray onto you i am reading :-/

I was not told how much radiation - so I couldnt do my own risk assessment

But also after 45 minutes of questions - I was not even asked if I had ever had any previous radiation exposure - that was startling. - As she wasnt doing a risk evaluation.

Especially considering the strong pro/natural health the office took.

Signing off for desperately needed sleep
sweet dreams :)