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Chiropractic Neurology for CFS ?




I think I mentioned in a couple of posts that I've been seeing a new physician. He is a Sports Medicine doctor and a neuro-chiropractor. Anyhow, I'm very impressed with this physician, as he did something very interesting and found a severe abnormality. He took my blood pressure in BOTH arms and also did a pulse ox in both arms. For my pulse ox results.... my result in my left arm was normal, but in my right arm, it was only 80. Apparently my result, according to him, is severe and indicative of hypoxemia.

Anyhow, this is the physician who is using the Bemer 3000 on me and also treating me for headaches. I think chiropractic neurology may be beneficial for some CFS patients.

Here are some links for more information for anyone who is interested:


Where to find a neuro-chiropractor in your area:



Phoenix Rising Founder
I think this is so interesting. Look at this from the website; isn't this what we've been talking about - stimulation problems?

how the different systems (visual, olfactory, proprioception, etc.) can afferentate (stimulate) the central nervous system specifically (for rehabilitation purposes) and how the central nervous system can affect function of any or all of these systems in turn.

Doesn't this sound like an ME/CFS patient? Limbic, sensory and cognitive...

many patients seen by chiropractic neurologists have a myriad of symptoms that can involve many systems including limbic (emotional), sensory/motor and cognitive. Treats symptoms ranging from vertigo, dystonia, learning disorders and pain syndromes.

(Interesting that they don't mention fatigue?) It's amazing what's out there. Good luck with it!


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Hi SDD1244

Where are you located if you don't mind me asking? My practitioner told me to look for a chiropractic neurologist today, and that rang a bell because of your post! I'm in socal




I'm in Southern Arizona. I had my 3rd treatment (Bemer3000) and an adjustment yesterday with my new neuro-chiropractor and have felt so good today ! I only stick with things that help and so far, I'm very impressed with my new physician !


ggingues and Wayne,

At least we have more options (one of my favorite words) and I have found my new physician to be a great resource.