Chinese Unknown Infections patients many of them took anti retrovirus medicine

There are about 200000 patients got infected some unknown infections, they believe the pathogens are viruses. Some of the viruses are anti retrovirus. Patients took Antiretroviral medicine then symptoms got released.

They have almost same symptoms with many ME/CFS patients in Europe and USA.

They even went to Beijing Medical & Health Department for request research and treatment. In 2011 China government investigated on them but no pathogens were found. Some patients said government said sent the samples to US for research but actually didn't sent. Who knows?

They even infected their families, and children. Many of them silently got cancer or other diseases and died.

There is an investigation report here but in Chinese.

The patients have QQ Chat Group:

Group number: 347768440, 148757632

Also add my QQ 2776698990