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I'm 96 to 98 percent sure that this is what I caught in 1991 that completely disabled me. Or it's a slight variant of it. It was passed through saliva, I got it from someone I was dating. Incubation was three days and within seven days, full blown. We actually thought it was HIV at first because of the symptoms. But all tests for HIV were negative. So if I had to guess, I'd say in my case, high probability that this is what I caught or a variant of it.


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symptoms sound cfs like, do they have a cure for this virus. Interesting how 10%of those infected get the chronic symptoms, ebv has a similar percentage going by the dubbo study. I wonder if because viruses are so hard to treat that they dont bother testing , unless we die from a certain virus within a short time period, then they just dont care.


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look at this?

Seeking Revenge
A person who wishes to remain anonymous revealed that between 2008 to 2009, an Internet group called Harbor, consisting of more than 240 AIDS-phobia patients, formed a tourist group to donate blood in big cities between Shenzhen and Shanghai. They attempted to spread the virus and increase the number of infected people so that the state would start to pay attention to the disease.

As these AIDS-phobia patients do not test positive for AIDS or any known infectious virus, they passed the blood test. Later, blood containing the unknown AIDS-phobia virus entered the blood supply. Lin Fengs mother, who received infected blood in a blood transfusion at a hospital in Shanghai, spread the virus to her whole family, suggesting the Harbor movement has already had an impact.

Members of Harbor also wander around on busy streets. They spread the virus to all the prostitutes they meet. By 2009, many prostitutes in night clubs and on streets had become infected.

A woman in Shenzhen with Internet moniker The End said her whole family had died after being infected with the disease. Afterwards, she said, she had sex with men to infect them.

A lady named Fear from Xiang Fan City in Hubei Province is still infecting people. One of 50 people who participated in a CCDC examination admitted that he has donated blood in the past and spit in a colleagues cup to spread the virus.


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Does anyone know if the CDC or any health organization is looking into this? Is the Chinese government allowing any outside health agencies to have a look at this?