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Chemical intolerance and fatigue in waves mast cells?


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Hi there,
I am trying to for the life of me understand why I seem to go through waves of food chemical intolerances, fatigue, muscle aches, runny nose, sneezing, the upper stomach becomes tight, itching, wake up stiff and sometimes when I wake up some of my body parts are numb and locked. I am tender in lots of parts of my body, but don't feel it through the day most of the time. It's just when parts of my body are touched I can feel it. Like last week went to get a ultra sound and they got me to lay on my side and when they put a scanner on my sides it was really painful(but wouldn't have felt how tender it was otherwise) I was reacting to everything for about 6 months and took about 6 months to die down. I thought it was a chemical intolerances diet that helped. I think it did. In the last few months I have started to get better again and just noticed in the last few weeks I can eat more foods again without any reaction and fatigue is much better. So I obviously don't think I have true intolerances, but rather I start reacting to lots of foods when I am going through a bout of whatever I have. This seems to be a pattern 6 months ill, takes 6 months to get better and then repeats itself.

Do you think this could be something to do with mast cells? My dietician thinks it could be, and wants me to take antihistamines to see if it makes a difference and if it does, go and get allergy testing.


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Northcoast NSW, Australia
Mastcellmaster.com is the site of the excellent Dr. Theoharides. Also, Dr. Afrin is another specialist. There are so many varied symptoms, see especially Theoharides video.A few feferences linked below.

Mast Cell Disorders: Theorharides for EDS group, June 2015. 2hrs; overlapping syndromes of MC

Symptoms of MC: Interview of 2 women, Theorharides

Dr. Lawrence Afrin presents “Mast Cell Activation Syndrome”

Dr Janice Joneja Histamine Intolerance Interview Transcript http://lowhistaminechef.com/