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Chemical Exposure Raises Descendants' Sensitivity to Stress


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
Hi nanonug, we already know this is true for smoking and starvation - it affects following generations due to epigenetics. It is not really a surprise if its correct for a huge range of environmental impacts. Bye, Alex


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Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
Not really surprising other work has shown this too, but good to see more work on this :)

The chemicals we have been using are incredible in their toxicity.
Crops are routinely sprayed with nerve gas. Yes, nerve gas (note clamp down post 9/11 on such)
But we've been fobbed off that such is "safe" (often by psychobabblers, please note who is used sooo oftne by industry to say all their crap is "safe")
my hairy ARSE that shit us safe! if it's safe then why don't the execs of the aggro-chem companies go sit under a crop sprayer then, eh? :p

Sarin came about because of Taubun, which came about from German chemists working ostensibly to create useful pest control chemicals, but secretly to develop "weapons of mass destruction".
The organophosphate poisons sprayed on crops do not slaughter millions though because they are chosen to be more lethal to arthropods (bugs) etc, than to mammals, they are still however incredibly deadly, skin-absorbed poisons, hence the farmers/sprayers have to wear Nuclear Bilogical Chemical warfare suits
and plenty of farmers/sprayers have died/suffered even then.

Note Countess of Marr, who's done a lot for ME, was poisoned accidentally by just such crop spraying.
I got ME after a very nasty flu bug and damp proofing chemical had been put down in my house making me and the workmen incredibly sick. Which cause dit?? or Both?

Few years ago, there was a big campain by the pretend-conservative, corporate-propagandist scumbags to promote the use of DDT again, and attacks on environmentalists (see "JunkScience")
all part and parcel of this
DDT was NEVER banned in use in Africa to protect Human health, it was banned for use in commerical vast amounts that do build up to toxic breakdown levels,
and in any case is no use vs mosquitoes except in short term specific, carefully controlled use vs malaria carrying mosquitoes as they build up resistance very quickly
ie, the corproate scum were trying to to get the "sheeple" to support their demand to remove controls on DDT's commercial use, so the aggro chem companies could make money and poison your children!
Jeesh,and folk fell for it, FFS...

There are so many forms of chemicals we've been using in last 60 years, and we're finding
so many problems with them
Pthalates/related plastics build up break down products, so you drink from a milk bottle/soda bottle, breakdown affects your sexual hormones etc
DDT does break down into toxic crap
Organopshosphates are poisonous beyond all belief, and, despite the lies, are incredibly powerful carcinogens (nerve gas Russians created killed researcher who survived exposure, 6 months later, total cancer outbreak across body)
Variosu forms of fire retarding chemicals are showing all kinds of harm...
etc etc.

And industry has been at the forefront of covering this up.
Always loved the one in 1980s, UK, government minister, iirc, pushed for the mandated use of sheep dip by farmers over the farmers and scientists objections (organophosphate), when he left office, he went to work for the company who made the sheepdip!