Charcoal increased my energy immediately - what does this mean?

I think it's highly likely that it is to do with mold. I was living in a water damaged building for a few years and was sick and getting sicker while I was there. It took me a long time to see that it was the damp building causing it - my GP kept telling me it wouldn't be. In the end I had bad vertigo, constant dizziness, eustachian tube dysfunction, dreadful anxiety, asthma, mucous production, dry eyes, a hoarse voice, fatigue, muscle weakness and when I needed to wee I had about 3 secs to get to the loo before it was on!

Now from reading, the mold thing is a no-brainer, but it took me 5 doctors of me saying: 'I wonder if it might be the house?' before one said - yep, get out of that house (am in Australia). Lesson = trust my gut feeling!

Anyway, rave aside (sorry) it's a year since we moved and lots of those things have gone or lessoned, but it seems my immune system is still in disarray. I am seeing an immunologist about MCAS soon.

When you say you have had mild improvement, is that also after the medication from the MCAS specialist?



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I've been pretty much unable to do anything for the last 6 weeks - bad crash - last night after doing some reading online about mould (I got very sick while living in a water damaged house) I came across this idea of binders. I hate some activated charcoal on the shelf, which I'd never tried. I took 1tsp and felt A LOT better instantly after it.

Today I was able to get up and cook for myself and even walk down the lane. Talking didn't feel so exhausting. It was a marked change and shocked me. So, I am left wondering if other people have had such a response to charcoal, and also what it might mean. I am hoping it might be some kind of pointer as to what is going on and how to proceed. I wondered if anyone might know anything about this.

I am in Victoria, Australia and haven't found anyone medical to work with on this yet. Everyone I've seen so far just says they don't know how to help me. Thank you!
I just posted pretty much the same question about L-Carnatine. Both I believe are recommended, at least anecdotally for IBS/Leaky Gut. Anxious to hear from others on their experience.