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CFS we are falling for the psychiatrists trap



psychiatrists are continually reinventing themselves and the people that they treat by constantly changing the descritive terms that they use.

why? because they know the power of labels and the meanings that lay people attribute to them.

They are now practitioners of psychological medicine for example.

Why? because they know that psychiatrists have a dismal reputation both within the general population and no one in MEDICINE considers psychiatists to be anything other than failed doctors not good enough to practice medicine.The label Neuropsychiatry is another example

They chose to relabel patients with ME or CFIDS as chronic fatigue syndrome

Now why was that? Because the public all think of fatigue as tiredness which they often feel themselves and plough on through usually without complaint.Ergo we are wimps and or malingerers
according to their perception.No need for biomedical research in the area of tiredness is there.

Why are we accepting the enemy,s labelling system with all the connetations that it implies?

I have found out that the British NICE guidelines use both names.CFS also known as ME.

I intend to use the term ME the neurological disorder(also relabelled by psychiatrists as CFS)

Example of use

The Oxford critera can't diagnose ME.Obviously any selection critera that excluded neurological symptoms cant by its very nature diagnose a neurological disorder.

Now the word research also is commonly understood to refer to scientific research.The Psychos use this word to describe this their work because they want the kudos implied with the use of the word

In reality their work is antipositivistic in nature(their techniques were originally used by opponents of the scientific method of the time which was called positivism).Hence their work is quite literally unscientific.

Use of this term to attack their research could easily be defended.The use of the term antipositivistic however (which is quite legitimate) would be difficult to defend and also create doubt in peoples mind about the validity of their research