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CFS Providers in DC/Maryland/Virginia?

Hi all,

Searching for a solid provider after spending thousands in NC with mediocre holistic doctors. I checked out the "how to find a provider" thread, but there were no providers listed in DC, and in Maryland out of the 7 doctors listed only 1 was taking patients and the wait time is 4 months. Dr. Kaplan is the only one identified in Virginia, but is is super expensive and I'm not sold on his efficacy.

Please send any recs over if you have any!


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I am sorry that I do not know of any ME/CFS specialists in the area (I sorely wish I did!), but...if you deal with dysautonomia/POTS, I know of a couple of good neurologists who specialize. Obviously if that isn't one of your issues, this is of no value, but I have gotten a lot more information through extensive testing, and have been able to explore various potential drug treatments thanks to Ramesh Khurana, who is in Columbia MD. He does not cover all the ME bases, but he is a good doctor who spends heaps of time with you and has been at this forever.

He tends to have a waiting list, but when I first saw him, a year and a bit ago, it was a four month wait. Not bad, really. Factoring LC into the picture, it might be longer now, but his assistant is helpful so you will get real info from her about what to expect.

PM me if you want more specifics. And if this is all irrelevant to your situation, I am sorry..... Wish I had something more useful.

Best luck.
Yes I tried getting in with Pocinki for 4 years and had 0 luck.
Stay away from Kaplan, they will take every $ you have .
I will also tell you to stay away from Alan Terlinsky.

i had zero luck finding anyone in the dcmv and had to rely on phone appointments with Dr Levine
Do you have personal experience with Kaplan? I was thinking of seeing one of the other physicians there and am curious why you said to stay away.