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CFS Internationally

southeast asia
please help. does anyone here know more about spasmophillia? ive been diagnosed with spasmophillia grade 3 by EMG. but its still unclear to me is it like fibro or cfs? and i dont get spasm, twitch, hyperventilation or symptoms that describe by other patients here but i do get cramps and muscle weakness, ache. i want to find more info cause i read theres an electrolyte imbalance from it.
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The disease is known here only as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or sometimes Chronic fatigue after viral infection. There is no specialist who deals with it, or knows much about it in any way.

Since healthcare is free for everyone it is also free for people with ME.

I did get sent to a psychiatrist but once I got a clear bill of health from him, no one mentioned it any more. They do try to convince me to just get over it and go on with my life occasionally, but when that doesn't work they do the tests they have to.

I would say the situation is 50/50. 50% of doctors have me leave their office in tears feeling like the world's worst criminal and say things no human being should say to another, let alone a doctor to their patient. The other 50% are kind and want to help but are simply helpless.

I went to Italy to see ME specialist, but the trip is just too exhausting.