CFIDS Association research webinar


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The next CAA webinar is May 4th at 3pm Eastern. Registration is now open:

You can submit questions in advance through the comment box on the registration page.

This webinar will cover three of the six grants currently funded by the Association:

The three projects that Dr. Vernon will describe in this webinar are:

Gordon Broderick, PhD, University of Alberta
Title: Molecular patterns of persistent immune activation in a post-infectious adolescent cohort
Objective: To use network analysis of gene expression and endocrine measures to identify biomarkers that describe the events from infectious mononucleosis to post-infection CFS.

Sanjay Shukla, PhD, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Title: Metagenomics approach to study chronic fatigue syndrome patients
Objective: Determine if there is an altered ratio of gut commensal and pathogenic bacteria in CFS and if exercise increases microbe translocation to cause post-exertion symptoms.

Bud Mishra, PhD, New York University
Title: Translate science to a cure for CFS
Objective: To seek an etiologic explanation for CFS symptoms by designing a system that combines published literature with experimental data.

The other three projects directly funded by the CFIDS Association will be featured in a webinar on June 17. A recording of a February 18 overview of the Association's research program is archived at

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I look forward to watching this webinar. It sounds really interesting. Thank you, Jennie. Thank you, CAA.


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Anyone watch this? Any points of interest? I'm interested in anything (i.e. don't presume I know anything). I presume others are similar. I can't see any other threads on it.