Center for complex diseases blood results

SF Bay Area
I was recently seen by Dr. Chheda at the center for complex diseases. A few of the blood tests came back out of range. Is anyone familiar with any of these tests and how they might relate to CFS? I may also have Ehlers Danlos which could be causing the CFS like symptoms although I never had any genetic testing done. I can bend my thumbs to the bottom of my wrists, fingers can flex backwards beyond 90 degrees, easy bruising, elastic skin and can touch the floor with both hands without bending my knees.

Blood results:
Natural Killer Cells, Functional 12 Normal (this surprised me because this is usually low with CFS)
CD4/CD8 Ratio: 0.84 Low
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 58 High
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae IGG 2.96 High
EBV IGG 73.30 High
HerpesVirus6 IGG 1:40 High
Varicella Zoster Virus IGG 450.50 High
Creatinine, random urine 18 Low

Lyme and co-infections

Quest - All negative
Igenex TBRF Borrelia immunoblot IGM Indeterminate, IGG Positive
Igenex Babesiosis ducani IFA IGG 80, <160 may or may not suggest active infection
Bartonella Quintana Quest and Igenex negative
Galaxy triple draw reactive on 1 of the samples.

My worst symptoms are fatigue, a heavy body feeling and air hunger despite the pulse oximeter always showing good oxygen levels. I used to have lots of numbness in my hands and feet as well as spasms but they have disappeared for a few months now. These symptoms come and go. Some days are bad while others are tolerable. I seem to crash with all of these symptoms exacerbated when I attempt to do too much physical activity. This has been going on since June of this year. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
SF Bay Area
I'm scheduled for a follow up on the 23rd. In the meantime I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with these blood tests and what they could mean. Like is a low cd4/cd8 ratio typical for CFS?