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CD56 cells


Hi all,

Prof De Meirleir runs several tests on his patients and one of them includes CD56 cells. If I remember correctly a lower number of CD56 cells is connected to a weaker immune system (like in CFS). But I also found this study which comes to the conclusion that the lower the number of CD56 cells, the higher the symptoms of depression get.

Natural Killer T cells in patients with major depressive disorder.
Park EJ, Lee JH, Chae JH, Lee KH, Han SI, Jeon YW.

Department of Psychiatry, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, #665, Bupyeong 6-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, 403-720, Republic of Korea.
CD56 (Natural Killer T) cells showed a significant negative correlation with depressive symptom scale scores in acute and unmedicated patients with major depressive disorder. Decreased CD56 cells may reflect the severity of depressive symptoms but not the severity of anxiety symptoms in major depression.

PMID: 17027089 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Hi ;)

Prof Kenny De MeirLeir (KDM) perform a test "CD57 absolute count"

From Redlabs, http://www.redlabs.be/ :



CD57+/CD3- cells are a subset of NK cells. Their exact function, and what differentiates them from CD56+ NK cells, is not well understood. The absolute number of CD57+/CD3- cells is low in patients suffering from chronic Lyme disease (a disease that follows an infection by a bacteria called Borrelia). Patients with very low CD57 have significantly more co-infections and persistent immunologic defects than patients with higher counts. In patients that respond to antibiotic therapy, the number of cells come back to normal, hence this is a useful marker to follow the effect of a therapy.


Three color flow cytometry. Whole blood cells are stained with anti-CD57, anti-CD3, anti-CD45 fluorescence-labeled antibodies. Absolute number of CD45+/CD57+/CD3- cells is determined by flow cytometry.


Quantitative. The result gives the absolute number of CD57 positive, CD3 negative cells per l of whole blood. The normal range is 60-360 cells/l.

Low CD57 and high serum C4a and several CFS suffers in same household suspect mold.
Low CD57 and positve Borrelia - Lyme
Low CD57 and positiv zoonosis
Low CD57 and negativ zoonosis, but unknown patogen still indicates infection and inflammation.
Natural killer T-cells is not the same as NK-cells

Info T-cells: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T_lymphocytes
Info NK-cells: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_killer_cell

You will see what I mean........

It seems like the article got it all wrong, but what else is there to suspect........when the Psychiatry - fans desperate trying to explaine that CFS is a Psychiatric disorder...........

well, well .......................;)


I changed it. I never wanted to bring up a causality between depression and CD56 cells. Moreover I thought of lower CD56 counts in the first place, which is followed by depression symptoms through some mechanism later.

I really meant the CD56 cells not CD57. Prof De Meirleir tested CD3+CD16CD56+ all together and I'm low. I looked at my test results again.


Its ok......not easy with all this stuff:confused:

CD3+CD16CD56+ express NK-cells lymphocyte subset.

My NK-cells results from Redlabs/KDM: :tear:
CD57: 49,1 (60 - 360)
NK-cell activity, perforin: 60,1 (250 - 750)
NK-cell: CD16CD56+: 5 (1,9 - 19,60 %)

CD25+? Not taken that test.

well Diesel - you makes me read a lot :D and know i have to check on CD25+ :D

See you later............ ;)