Catch-22, by Mindy Kitei

I distributed this to many Canadian contacts - the only ones I know - to raise awareness of a problem getting research done. Thanks for a great article.


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From Mindy's article:

"You know the body-sniffing dogs that search for survivors in the rubble after buildings collapse? You know how the dogs handlers hide healthy people in the rubble to prevent the dogs from becoming too discouraged when the dead-body count starts piling up like so many sacks of potatoes?"

What a great lead-in to the article, and something I didn't know. It got me wondering where they get the "healthy" people to "seed" the rubble for the dogs...Maybe you only need to look healthy and be able to walk a short distance? This got me thinking about job opportunities... ;-)

It's not clear where the information Mindy was trying to verify came from - an email to the effect that trials of isoprinosine for ME/CFS didn't happen because of the NICE guidelines in England.

But, this is a good reminder of how interconnected we are.

Thanks to those in the UK (and elsewhere), not only for sharing their experience on this and other forums, but actively helping with our advocacy in the U.S. I hope to reciprocate more in the coming year.