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Care to send a quick email? Ask for a webcast...


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Cort points out that Lombardi and Mikovits are appearing at the University of the Pacific (where critical CFS-and-exercise studies took place). This represents the first public appearance of main WPI researchers since The News.

I am sending an email to the organizers to ask if they'd kindly webcast the proceedings. It should be fascinating and we might get some clues about how the progress has gone since the paper was submitted. Care to join me?

To rwolf@pacific.edu

"Dear organizers, Lombardi and Mikovits presentation,

I write to ask that you please consider webcasting the Oct. 26th presentation. These researchers' work is fascinating from a medical science point of view, but from the perspective of those of us suffering from the disease it is even more vital.

It is an honor for the University of the Pacific to host the first appearance of Mikovits and Lombardi since the publication of their groundbreaking paper. It would make good sense for the university to draw attention to that honor via a live webcast.

Thank you,



work in progress
N. California
here's my email

"To: Those organizing the Lombardi and Mikovits presentation


I am writing to request that you please do a live webcast of the 10/26 Lombardi/Mikovits presentation. Many CFS patients, I being one of them, would really appreciate that. We are VERY EAGER to hear as much as we possibly can about the findings re: XMRV. Putting it on a webcast would enable many to do so. It would also rapidly draw attention to, and spread the word about, this fascinating new research.

Thank you,



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I just sent an e-mail requesting a webcast. Hopefully, they will try to do this....:eek:


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I posted on another thread...

Of course I may be totally wrong on this, but I would think with all the media attention, that they've already made plans to tape it, and I would guess that it'll show up on youtube within a day or so after the presentation.

Just a guess, but everything else shows up on youtube, so why not this? :)