Candida test result

Can anyone who has studied candida and fatigue offer an [friendly, non-diagnostic] opinion on whether this is a normal range of high or so high that it is likely the cause of fatigue in the absence of other obvious causes.

Sample was collected as a blood serum test.



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I've had systemic yeast over growth and went to docs about it since I was 18 (I'm 43 now), I've seen about 12 or so doctors. Back in the day you couldn't get Miconozal without a doctors prescription and DX. (I'm female so asside from GI problems I had actual yeast infections, mouth infection at times, bad digestion, and insomnia).

My cause, I believe was that I was washing in a lot of sugary carbohydrate and other foods that did not have enough enzymes or stomach acid to properly break them down in the GI, so the yeast took over the heavy lifting and digested them. (My GI hasn't worked right since birth, but has generally declined with age and as a young person I was never introduced to any sort of healthy eating and my diet was a mess, I didn't drink water just soda, etc).

Yeast sounds bad - but - there are other kinds of pathogenic bacteria and yeasts that could have taken over digestion work in the GI that could have killed me. The yeast are like a useful backup system. When things don't digest they take over and help themselves. But if it's not candida yeast it's the really bad bugs that step in, nature doesn't like to waste food.

I have friends who have lost parts of their colon, had perforated colons, been bed bound for five + years after massive infections in the GI, big pus filled sections that had to be drained and removed, agonizing pain, non-stop diareah, lots of hospital time, invasive exams -- I mean, although the web sites make Candida sound horrifying - to me, for my money, it could be a lot worse.

When I started fixing my digestion, the candida was no longer an issue. But that's just my experience. I'm very greatful for my little yeasties trying to slug it out in my annoying colon, but that's just how I grew to look at it over years. :p (I take a probiotic that is a yeast also in addition to other good probiotics).

There are a lot of drugs for the colon but you got to be very careful - like taking fluconazole every month to control the yeast could have catapulted the amount of bad bacteria I had in my GI. If I had a parasite taking prednizone could have decreased my immune system and allowed the parasites to go out of control.

It's a careful balance in the GI. A lot of species of yeasts are very beneficial, I know a guy who cured his Crohn's disease by taking Florastor (yeast). They discover more all the time.

Not a doctor though and I'm not smart enough to read someone else's chart work. I've only had CFS for five years, and had systemic candida for over 20. If your GI isn't working right and you're not digesting food properly that might cause fatigue, I think that's causing mine possibly, I really don't know though.

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HI. I wouldn't say that I'm an expert, but I do have a lot of experience down this rabbit hole. The difficulty here is that currently no one can definitively say what your test results mean, let alone anything actionable you can do. For all we know, that number fluctuates by the day....or doesn't. Like hormone testing, thats a snap shot from a whole movie.

Having said that.... I agree with the poster above. My experience was it cleared for me (on the test results) after a a long period of eating deliberately. For me this meant 30-40% natural carbs. (oatmeal, potatoes, rice), cloves of garlic, tons of veggies, probiotic via kim chi, saucer kraut, pickles, kefir.

This is what I know about fungus.

Im a horticulturalist. Fungus is present all the nature and our bodies. We are composed of more fungus and bacteria than human cells. Fungus is critically important to the human system. Fungal imbalances are a symptom, not a cause. Treating fungus systemically does not appear to be much different than treating with antibiotics. in that they kill everything in their path.

Does it cause symptoms? Its my belief that it did. It did seem to correlate with sinus pressure, ear popping..etc.

The bottom line is to make sure i was eating a diet that is natural and in a way that the body can easily process and it returned to normal.