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Canadian Action


Patient in training
I have sent out a few tweets to our health minister. If it strikes your fancy, please help me in retweeting or in making your own tweet. Share your actions here.

Kati Debelic (@Katiissick)
2016-03-31, 4:56 PM
411,000 patients with #mecfs need a national strategy for health care research, clinical trials and physician network. #cdnhealth #cdnpoli

Kati Debelic (@Katiissick)
2016-03-31, 5:53 PM
.@janephilpott without a national strategy for #mecfs, Pts are sent for CBT. This published just today. @CIHR_IRSC dovepress.com/articles.php?a…

Kati Debelic (@Katiissick)
2016-03-29, 6:42 PM
.@OttawaCitizen i hope Dr @janephilpott plans to work on 411,466 disfranchised #mecfs pts who have been left behind. 50cents per pt per year