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Can you recommend a supplement/supplement combo to your fellow CFS sufferer ?


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Ashland, Oregon
Does that sound at all familiar? Lots of people talk about anxiety issues and sleep issues but it seems we are often talking about different things. So I'm trying to find who might have the same experiences as my wife and get any advice I can from them.

Hi @Husband of -- A quite a bit of what you describe does sound familiar. But even when other people have similar symptoms, the underlying causes may still be quite different. I've found that a multi-faceted approach works best for me. I'll describe what I do, and you and your wife can discern whether it might be worth a try for you.

To clarify my situation, I don't have intense fears or anxieties very often, and almost never before going to bed. They usually occur in the middle of the night, or in the morning when first awakening. It's usually non-specific, that is, nothing in particular is "on my mind". I tend to think it's normally caused by some misalignment in my neck, or something I may have eaten. But whatever is causing it, I think a lot of it also has to do with my "electrical system" being out of whack. So I focus on energetic type things.

The things that work best for me are 1) Coffee Enemas; 2) Self-acupuncture; 3) Castor Oil Packs; 4) Polarity Exercises, including Balancing of the Cortices technique; 5) Tapping (both physical and inwardly in my imagination); and 6) the HU Song (which is linked in my signature). I'd be happy to expound on any of these things if you have an interest. -- Best to you and your wife!


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taurine does help in maintaining an electrolyte balance at the plasma membrane of cells, and if you're deficient in it, it could result in increased cellular calcium (which can contriute to an overload of glutamate, which could increase anxiety resposes) and reduced magnesium, which as you noted, works on GABA and can offset the effects of excess calcium at the NMDA and AMPA receptors.

Hmmm. Wandering through old threads reveals a nugget -- thank you for this!

I think in here is one of my key issues. My OAT showed off-the-scale taurine and glutamate. I've been trying to figure out the taurine angle, and this helps. I suspect the taurine (urine measurement) is being wasted and my plasma & cellular levels are deficient. I can't prove it since I didn't get a blood level at the same time, but I do have issues with potassium, and my magnesium was deficient. I know cofactors such as B6 can play a role, but I'm trying to understand how to address the wasting issue. This was the best resource I could find: https://www.livingwithmthfr.org/genetic-education/amino-acids/taurine , particularly this:
In molybdenum deficiency or sulfite oxidase impairment, elevated urine taurine results as a mode of sulfur excretion.

Is this your understanding as well? I added moly to my supplements a few months ago. If you have any additional info that you can add, I would appreciate it.

Edit: I seem to have issues with sulfur as my Urea was a bit elevated (and high sulfur foods don't sit well with me), although a blood ammonia taken later was very low. It seems, like the taurine, I get rid of it with abandon.
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