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Can you *please* take a quick looks at my labs?! Hashi’s Flare!

Hey guys,

Having a really bad Hashi’s Flare right now (for months!) and none of my stupid doctors (even the thyroid specialists) know how to help. My Hashi’s seemed pretty stable for a while there but in July and I started playing around with fasting (oops) and it wrecked my hormone balance. I had been on 90mg of NP Thyroid in the morning and was that was working nicely. Then I started feeling jittery, anxious, total insomnia. Then *that* leveled off but I had severe CFS type stuff, POTs, super sleepy, etc. So they reduced my NP to only 30mg in the morning and I’m 2.5mcgs of Cytomel (generic) 4 hours later. NOW the sleep/fatigue/anxiety has stabilized but I’ve gained back weight, am constipated, sometimes severely depressed, my hair is falling out and my damn HISTAMINE issues are coming back.

I’ve included the labs so if you want to take a stab at playing House (see what I did there?) you can. The supplements that I started taking recently are: iron, selenium and the Cytomel.

But I think I’m going to have to do an elimination thing and go off everything as I obviously can’t tolerate this kind of supplementation right now. So I’m off iron and selenium. Soon to be off the Cytomel but I guess I need to taper? HELP! Thanks.


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Ok so that was a total failure- the labs the first time around so I'm gonna try one more time and then I quit! Grrr. I blame brain fog....


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Hi ChickenBear,

Some comments on your post. Sorry that you can´t get the help you´d need, even from a thyroid specialist. It´s a shame that the understanding of the thyroid is so bad, when it isn´t that difficult to learn how it all works.

Dr. Jeffrey Dach has excellent articles about Hashimoto´s ( that you have when your thyroid function is low).

I hope you´ll be able to read them all. You´ll learn how import selenium and iron are to thyroid function, so try to increase those levels asap. A thyroid specialist (who had hypothyroidsim himself) told me that we need to have at least ferritin=70 to get the thyroid working properly.

Selenium also helps normalizing thyroid antibodies. You seem to have had both hyperthyroidism (jittery etc.) and hypothyroidism and that´s impossible to medicate. I would also stop eating gluten as many have gotten better after that. Gluten might be the reason to thyroid antibodies. Otherwise you´d need healthy food, and no fasting to get what you need for your body.

A cardiologist I consulted, would have considered your potassium being too low, although in (low) normal range. I would make sure to get enough from food.

I hope you´ll feel much better in some months, when your deficiences are solved and hopefully your antibodies are normal or more stable. Then it´s also easier (or less difficult) to get the correct dosages of thyroid hormones. Some people I met were even cured from hypothyroidism after having stopped eating gluten.

PS. Another good article by Dr. Dach was just posted on his homepage
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Of course I don't know, but I see the T3 is still high...

If the thyroid is hyper for many reasons, such as meds. or Hashi's, it may deplete cortisol production, which could lower the sodium, seen on your test.

Low cortisol can cause many effects, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory hormone.

There are many nutrients that are needed for proper thyroid function as well as iron metabolism. There is zinc, active vitamin A, and particularly copper. Many people have not been able to normalize their iron panel until copper was supplied, in diet, supps.,etc.


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Just a thought but I would also see if you could try another brand of natural thyroid. For some reason my doctor's office mistakenly prescribed the NP version last time.

Just to be safe I only took 1/4 of the usual amount and boy oh boy, within 20 minutes I was feeling like I stuck my finger in a wall socket. It was a very uncomfortable feeling and made me better understand what others are talking about when they say feel wired but tired.

For some reason that version is very potent. Before that I was using Naturethroid which my local CVS stocks and didn't get that feeling at all.

If you do decide to try a different form, call around first and make sure you can find a pharmacy that stocks it because not all of them do.