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Can you herx from RS?

I tried the RS over the weekend and only got up to two tsps. I know that's not much. It seems like it fed this demonic stuff. Either that or it's coming out more. I never know the difference and my diet is clean as far as Candida is concerned. I have it where the sun does not shine and it's not vaginal. This stuff is driving me crazy. I also have other symptoms as well, but the ITCH came back bad and my ears stopped up right away.

I also went to the dentist last month and she told me I have a leaking amalgam. I plan on getting them out. My dentist is holistic and is going to use the proper protocol. I am just really intrigued by RS and it makes sense to me. I have also read where you should not even attempt to clean up this beast until amalgams are removed. I have no idea whether that is a fact or not or even if the amalgams are causing this.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
A Herxheimer reaction is technically only caused by the release of lipopolysaccharides (endotoxins) when certain types of gram-negative bacteria die off. An immune reaction to those toxins is then triggered, resulting in very specific symptoms. Spirochetes in Syphilis and Lyme infections are known to produce the reaction, as they die off during antibiotic or other treatment.

So unless you have an infection of the right type of bacteria AND the symptoms are "fever, chills, rigor, hypotension, headache, tachycardia, hyperventilation, vasodilation with flushing, myalgia (muscle pain), exacerbation of skin lesions and anxiety", it isn't a Herxheimer reaction.

Itchy butt and gooey ears aren't part of a Herxheimer reaction, and Resistant Starch isn't known to kill off bacteria, but rather looks like it encourages good bacteria. Hence you almost certainly aren't having a Herxheimer reaction to resistant starch.
But doesn't good bacteria kill off bad bacteria (as well as just crowding it out)?
Maybe, though probably not all at once - but more likely it's just inhibiting the "bad" bacteria from becoming more prevalent or preventing it from reproducing as successfully. Hence resulting in a reduction in numbers, but not any significant die-off events.

And only very specific bacteria produce a Herxheimer reaction. It's unlikely that those would be the ones being killed off by resistant starch, especially since resistant starch is only getting into the gut, and not the blood stream.