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Can someone help me guess what is causing these weird stools and parasite looking things? (w/ pics)

Hi guys, I have some GI issues and/or systemic infections as well [bartonella/lyme/protozoans?]

Anyways my stools are always broken apart into weird shaped chunks that sink immediately. I havent had a normal formed log-shaped stool in 2 years. I also sometimes get weird swishing sensations under my left ribcage like a worm or something squirming around. I took a pic of my stool/bowel movement for reference and posted it here.

The second pic is a weird parasite looking thingy that is often in the toilet after a bowel movement- can anyone identify that?

Any thoughts as to what can be causing what's in these 2 pictures? Thanks!


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I've been getting similar results lately....The thing that helps the most is getting to a beach or someplace with really good air quality, then my BM's look healthy.


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I agree with think tank looks like mucous.

Do you have POTS, Dysmotility or IBS?

This can all play into shape and consistency of your stool.