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Can someone check my hormone saliva test.

Not sure what it means

Saliva Hormone Test Male age 58

Estradiol (E2) 1.55 pg/ml supplementation)

Ratio of Pg/E2 126.34 200-300 male (Pg supplementation)*

Testosterone 79.50 pg/ml 30.1-142.5 male (142.6-350.0 supplementation)

DHEA 108.16 pg/ml 137.0-336.0 male 6.81 nmol/L 5.1-40.2; optimal range: 18-35*

Hormone Interpretations:
The low Pg/E2 ratio is consistent with progesterone insufficiency (estrogen dominance), which may increase the risk of prostate gland enlargement and cancer. Though the progesterone level (confirmed) is above the reference range (query household exposure), progesterone supplementation may be needed to balance the Pg/E2 ratio.

Suboptimal testosterone is consistent with reported deficiency symptoms and may be associated with metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance). Fasting blood sugar and insulin levels may be warranted. Boosting the testosterone level is a consideration.

DHEA level is consistent with the expected decline with age (adrenopause). The low DHEA level may warrant supplementation for optimal well-being. Note: Supplementation with DHEA may increase testosterone and/or estradiol levels.


Senior Member
My understanding is that only the night saliva is accurate. @Jonathan Edwards might know the validity of the test.

I would recommend a doctor interpret your tests as medical advice is not allowed on Phoenix Rising.

Did you get the test yourself or did your doctor order it?

Good luck and welcome to Phoenix Rising!

Btw, there's an introduce yourself theread here. See you there!:)

Jonathan Edwards

I don't know much about the reliability of the assays. I am wondering what laboratory did these tests and interpreted them. To be honest the interpretation does not make a lot of sense to me and rings bells that maybe this is a lab pushing a line. I agree with barbc56 that you need to get a physician to interpret the tests, not us - and preferably a physician in a standard service department not associated with the testing lab I suspect.

What lab did the tests?


Senior Member
@yukii007 -- I'm not a doctor and this isn't medical advice, but here's my take: There are blood tests for most hormones. In general, salivary hormonal testing is considered less reliable by most doctors than standard blood testing. Cortisol MIGHT be an exception, depending on who you talk to. The other advantage (besides reliability) to blood testing is that the reference ranges for hormonal blood tests have been validated and are more or less standardized, whereas these small labs that do saliva testing kind of make up their own reference ranges rather than validate them in large-scale trials at their lab.