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Can CFS/ME enter remission after childbirth?

I'm wondering if complex regional pain syndrome can be related to CFS/ME.

Some researchers believe CRPS is just a (much) more violent form of fibromyalgia.

Some believe fibromyalgia might be closely related to CFS/ME.

Are these disorders existing on the same spectrum?

CRPS is notorious for sometimes entering remission after pregnancy/childbirth -- enough times for the CRPS community to have taken notice. No one seems to really know why.

So, if CFS/ME, which I would temporarily construct for the purposes of this post as a weaker form of CRPS, also has that particular weird attribute... That would indicate they are much more related than it would seem at first.

What do you think?


Que sera sera
It did for me.
I truly thought I was on the up and up after a miracle pregnancy with my daughter in 2013/2014. I had been very sick previous 4 years. Then suddenly I felt SO incredible. I am forever grateful for those days. A window I fit so much into. Unfortunately my honeymoon ended in 2015/2016 as I finished breastfeeding and entered a level of hell I didn’t know existed. I have been bedridden since 2017.


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Obviously with pregnancy, the endocrine balance changes. The endocrine system is closely tied to immunity and neurological. This system (Endocrine, Immune and Neurological) are really one big system -- in other words, they influence each other.


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Some PWME feel better after viral infection or other events that affect the immune system ... but some feel much worse. My guess is that pregnancy could make a PWME feel better, but it's also possible for that to make them feel worse. Is the probability 50/50 or some other ratio? Not a reliable treatment in any case.