Can anyone help with GI-MAP results?

Hey guys, I am still trying to find a good functional medicine doctor to work with, but in the mean time, I was wondering if anyone has some advice regarding my results. I've attached the full report.

The main irregularities seem to be:

High norovirus
High clostridium spp.
High enterobacter spp.
High bacteroidetes
High pseuodomonos spp.
High prevotella copri
High b-Glucuronidase
High secretory IgA

If it's relevant, I also have an OAT, and I came back negative for SIBO. I am also mercury toxic according to hair mineral analysis

Any advice is greatly appreciated


Rufous McKinney

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some advice regarding my result
I chased that rabbit hole. Find a Chinese Traditional Herbalist and get the HERBS for your specific gut issues. Custom Herbs, just for you. Real plants. Whole pieces of plants, or the granular tea is also working.

I experienced a complete miracle within 24 hours: drank this tea twice, and the next morning, my bowels belong to some different person. The rapid improvement was simply stunning.

The good species of Probiotic Organisms you desire: aren't typically in those Probiotic Pills. I asked: how do I find this creature that is lacking? IT WILL FIND YOU.

I have taken Probiotics with so so results, then recently felt actually ill from them and stopped. Chinese Herbalist Advice was to STOP. Who knows what is in there.

Instead, the four herbs seem to make adjustments to the liver, the lining, the processing, and the creatures are now happier. I'm sure its improving the leaky gut I'm sure I have.

My other main comment is that you need to mostly eat cooked food, not raw foods, which are too hard on the intestine.