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Campaign to bring wessley to justice


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Open invitation to Simon Wessely to BBC Debate on XMRV ME/CFS issues

Open invitation to Simon Wessely to BBC Debate
Dear Mr Wessely

are you prepared to challenge me to a tv debate concerning your practices for the last 25 years on the issue of ME/CFS. I would like to ask you questions about your belief systems, research papers and lectures etc.

In light of the current WPI research this could be compelling viewing.

As you are always keen to have your voice heard in many publications this could be an opportunity for you to reach the public with your understanding of the neurological disease defined by the WHO Known as ME

I eagerly await your reply if you are indeed following this Forum.


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You know, the more I think about it, the more it seems that the UK in particular is failing its obligations under the WHO by failing to recognize and control an infectious disease. They're even going so far, in this case, as to try to discourage further investigation into XMRV by greatly exaggerating the importance of the results of this weak study. They should *at least* be showing a commitment to getting to the bottom of XMRV - its prevalence, then whether it causes disease.