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Cam magazine article.


Senior Member
I carn't copy the article, but here is the link to the edition, and a couple of quotes.

http://www.cam-mag.com/latest.htm# pg4

Cam Chat
Niki Gratrix, Dip ION, mBANT, is a CAM Award Winner and a leading expert in CFS/ME and Integral Approaches to healthcare.

She mentions the science article, and the three negative studies, and how the WPI is "fighting back". Different method, etiquette breached and all that. She also mentions how the CDC, FDA, NCI, & WPI are now doing a larger study.

At the end is the following:
Even though I have stated before that I believe this bug is more of a symptom of other imbalances in CFS/ME patients, it's still hugely important and will help funding - even if it is only found in a sub group of patients, which I also predict will be the case.
So despite these 3 studies, the XMRV story is far from over, and in fact with this bug study now in progress, the most interesting part is still to come.


Senior Member
So it was CAM magazine that gave an award to the Optimum Health Clinic (Nicky Gratrix)?

I had lost track of that. Interesting that she thinks it is a subgroup of patients. Leaves plenty more for them to make a living from.