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by Dr. Simon Yu - Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients


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Ashland, Oregon
I just ran across this book, and thought the following edited comment on Amazon to be quite good. Lines up very closely to some of my own health philosophies. HERE's a LINK to the Book on Amazon.
As Dr. Yu explains the five root causes of most disease which doctors repeatedly misdiagnose are really caused by parasites, hidden dental problems, heavy metal toxicity, food allergies and nutritional deficiencies. Did you get that? This is what this book is about and they are more important than I could have ever imagined: Parasites, hidden dental problems, heavy metal toxicity, food allergies and nutritional deficiencies. Is the mercury in your teeth causing your anxiety? How much mercury was in you last flu shot? Did that root canal in your mouth cause your last heart attack? Are the parasites in your lungs making you grumpy as they eat your nutrients, crap their acid waste, lay their eggs, and travel the highways of your blood vessels?

If I could go back and only read one natural health book this would be it (and i've read a hundred). His chapters on the intelligence of parasites and their life cycle is shocking, to say the least. The testing for parasites by medical doctors is worthless as they often don't show up in stool samples, yet according to him and he is quoting the World Health Organization, something like 80 million Americans have them in them and they're controlling your mood, appetite, when you go to sleep and may be affecting your health in various ways.

Parasitology just isn't taught in medical school, except for the occasional guy who takes a tropical medicine class, but even then its not enough. Doctor Yu is one of the few doctors in this country who actually frequently looks for and prescribes anti-parasite medications. He provides resources with phone numbers of places and people who are knowledgeable in this field in the back of the book.

With any new patient Dr. Yu uses an electro acupuncture voll (EAV) machine that reads the meridians after he puts acupuncture points in the hands and feet and he can tell you if you have parasites in your kidneys for example, or heavy metals in your thyroid. So its not just a guessing game for him, he really knows. In the second chapter Dr. Yu provides pictures of the teeth and he highlights which ones correspond with what acupunture meridians. So for instance, if you have had an infection in anyyone of your two front buckteeth, those two teeth correspond to the intestines energetically.

Dr. Yu outlines a parasite cleanse that follows the lunar calendar of the moon. Parasites in our bodies leave the tissues of our bodies during a full moon to lay their eggs. So Dr. Yu recommends three days prior to a full moon or new moon you take anti parasite herbs like wormwood, clove oil, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, pumpkin seeds and on and on. Uncommon extremely interesting knowledge like that floods this book right from the get go to the end. Oversimplified version of what I learned from this book: Never get a root canal; don't trust doctor X-rays (you still may have an infection); Never get a flu shot(full of mercury and they don't even work), Get these stupid mercury fillings out of my teeth as soon as possible. Know matter what health ills you may be suffering with or just want to expand your knowledge and help others this book touches more subjects on more health problems than I could possible lay it in a few paragraphs.


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Zogor-Ndreaj, Shkodër, Albania
That's all well and good.

But it is nothing new.

Along with thousands of others, I've done the anti-parasitic protocol with no joy.

Plus there have been many studies reiterating that root canals and mercury poising are NOT involved in the pathophysiology of CFS and that they are over-dramatised by alternative health practitioners in order to fuel their own interests. Money.

Pathogenic bacteria is the cause of CFS.