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Butyrate - brand, formulation, dosage suggestions?


Senior Member
Hello all, coming to those better equipped to help me find a good butyrate brand, dosage, and/or formulation recommendation.


Lately, to ameliorate some severe IBS like symptoms (cramping and abdominal pain) that came up for absolutely-no-reason-at-all (you know how those flare up), I attempted a heavily probiotic diet eg sauerkraut, kefir, removing sugar and gluten, and adding Tesseract Medical Research ProButyrate.

After a few weeks I found I had very strong symptoms of MCAS/histamine intolerance - so much so I was forced to focus on that instead.

My research shows that these probiotic foods trigger histamine intolerance, so I cut those out, but kept the butyrate going.

IBS symptoms seem to be gone! But since Tesseract Medical Research ProButyrate seems to work well for that, I want to see if I can do more for myself using butyrate.

I don't think I am taking enough butyrate, and don't know that I am using a good brand/formulation.

So I am looking for suggestions for ready-to-consume butyrate.

I am also taking Rifaximin, which helps IBS and reduces my overall fatigue noticeably, so I don't want to focus on pro/prebiotic solutions (eg consuming millet) since I am likely killing all the good bacteria anyway.

Thank you all!


Senior Member
Thank you KangaSue, I appreciate the response!

The suggested thread does look interesting and on target. I recommend anyone considering antibiotics for long term usage to read on.

And despite the good results I am having with antibiotics, I have read that the positive affects will reduce over time. That is logical, because as an antibiotic reduces bacterial load by destroying the bacteria it can affect, other bacteria will eventually grow in number to take their place.

Overall, having a 'balanced' gut bacteria using pre and probiotics focused heavily on the 'good' bacteria types seems the only way to go long term, and antibiotics can really only be used to exert a 'fresh start' function to clean up the environment and make it more hospitable for other bacteria eg before starting a new probiotic protocol.

Thank you for helping me take a fresh perspective on achieving my goals.