Burning feeling/sensation in the brain


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I have had this in the past, lukily I dont have it right now.

When I relapsed in 2019 it began with brainfog and severe burning/inflammation sensation in my brain.
I read a very good description somewhere back then, it feels like someone has scratched an old crispy towel on the top of my brain.

It felt very sore and I had terrible brainfog, blurry vision, exophoria and fatigue. I was given prednisone for the inflammation but I ended up with blood pooling in my legs after a few weeks. Im not saying that it was caused by the prednisone. I have had symptoms of dysautonomia since 2014.

Anyone else had this burning brain feeling? Could it be autoimmune encephalitis?


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I have it 24/7 and yes, it could be AE. My internist has diagnosed me with AE based on my symptoms, positive Cunningham panel, positive CellTrend antibodies and other inflammatory markers. My MRI is normal. I’m scheduled to see two neuroimmunologists in the next two months, and anticipate I’ll be starting IVIG.