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Brussels HB12 painful, and HB12 stopping GcMAF improvement...


Senior Member
Hi all!

I'm very glad to know that administrators finally opened a GcMAF forum!:thumbsup: (Thanks!) This will make things much easier, especially for new folks! (BTW, just an advice, don't continue writing in the first and endless thread, as there, all the topics are mixed... it's much better if we separate the topics by opening new threads now that we already have a sub-forum, don't you think?).

I just wrote this on FB, but I think it's a good topic to discuss here as well, so, I am pasting it below:

I can verify two things here: 1- The hydroxyB12 coming from Brussels really hurts! I have to take it with another anesthetic whose name I cannot remember right now.

And 2- I have had to drastically reduce the dose of B12, as it was wrecking the improvement I was getting from GcMAF. My theory is that as soon as I start to detoxify, what means that you create an acute state of intoxication, my body becomes weaker and the viruses flares up like hell... So... I am gonna deal with XMRV first, and I will try to improve methylation later. Of course everything is related, and go hand to hand, but the order of the therapies are as important as the therapies themselves...

BTW, if anyone out there figures out where to buy HB12 from Europe, "pain-free", and coming in a more convenient bottle (like Nexavir does, i.e, with a rubber cap instead on in ampules), please let me know!!