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Brain Fog help!!!


Senior Member
I have been getting some really bad brain fog as of late....like zoning out, blank stairs, etc.

Mito supplements do not seem to help...

Does anyone have sugestions to improve this?

Meds, supplements, my body feels more drained than it ever has....

Thanks in advance


Senior Member
Sth Australia
molybdenum supplements helped my brain some but it was more along the working memory line, my brain improvement I got from that helped within a week enabling me to do some things I hadn't been able to do for years. I did have a molybdenum deficiency though (which I found out throu hair testing and my gene tests too supported I could have low molybdenum). It may be worth considering esp if you have had 23andME testing and know you have that gene mutation which can cause low molybdenum.

certain B vitamins (it varies though for each person which one) can help some with the brain too and may be worth a trial if you haven't already trialed them.

also consider OI and lack of blood going to the brain at times, this can cause brain issues and daze outs.. is it worst when standing? or upright?. In which case you could have something causing low blood volume like coexisting POTS causing it and POTS can be treatable some. If low blood volume caused, supplements aren't going to help, you may need actual meds to boost blood volume, increased fluid intake etc


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Nothing helps mine, except extreme resting fort prolonged periods. Hope you find something that helps you.