Brachyspira bacterium: Causative of IBS-D?


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Brisbane, Australia
Brachyspira, a spiral-shaped bacterium found in the bowels and known to be a cause of diarrhea in some species has only recently been identified as being potentially linked to causing IBS-D in humans.

In a new research study, one third of those with IBS-D were found to have brachyspira bacteria, but none of the controls had it.

Because brachyspira hides in the intestinal mucous layer, traditional antibiotics have not been effective against it. Researchers in this study suggest that short-term laxatives, prebiotics, or probiotics may be worth exploring in people who test positive for Brachyspira as they think antibiotic treatment may be what drives Brachyspira into its hiding place.


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
I had bookmarked something about IBS and a specific bacteria that was found in a study to affect all who had it, i'll post the bookmark if i can find it amongst my collection, not sure if it was the same bacteria.