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Bone broth caused health issues (primarily gut I think) I can't seem to reverse -- ideas?

*Note: Doctor says blood tests are fine, no dangerous symptoms, nothing to worry about.

I'd been eating Bone broth cooked in a pressure cooker from March until June, not knowing that it was causing me a shit ton of health issues, some of which disappeared (lymph node swelling, pooping mucus, 0 energy) after I realized that was it and stopped eating it. Might have been feeding some sort of bacteria?

But I have lingering issues that I have not been able to reverse no matter what I throw at it: I've tried apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, herbal antimicrobials, spicy food including digestive spices, sauna, contrast showers, acupuncture, carnivore diet, colostrum, Glutamine, etc.

The symptoms include:
  • Belly's a little distended and feels fluid-y
  • A ton of gas that's difficult to actually fart (I have to kind of put effort into the fart)
  • Tired after eating, don't get any energy from healthy food that previously gave me a boost (malabsorption)
  • Ringing in the ears + itchy ears, esp. after hot shower
  • Earache from time to time
  • Parts of my body will randomly feel "acidic" (not sure how to describe this; sort of tingly)
  • Low energy (though not as low as while still consuming bone broth)
  • Low blood pressure
  • Needing a nap mid-day everyday and waking up like I was run over by a truck
  • Eyes droopy, cloudy, and toxic looking
What do you think happened in the first place, and what ideas do you have on fixing it?

I think the root cause is related to the gut, because I can't absorb food as well as I used to.
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If you have MECFS, then eating bone broth or not eating bone broth will have no effect on your disease. There is currently no approved treatment for MECFS. None of the other items you mentioned will treat or cure your MECFS.


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I'd been eating Bone broth cooked in a pressure cooker from March until June

Bone broth is extremely high histamine in case you have any mast cell or allergic issues. When you said all of your blood work was normal, were you tested for histamine, tryptase, prostaglandins (at the time when your symptoms were the worst)? Do you have allergic or GI issues to other high histamine foods?
@Gingergrrl @Dufresne I can confirm that I do react to high-histamine foods and have a histamine issue. But I had read that if I used a pressure-cooker to make broth in 30 minutes, it wouldn't be high histamine since histamine usually forms in response to long cooking times (broth is traditionally slow-cooked for 24 hours or something). So I tried it, and unfortunately reacted anyway.

But when I react to other high-histamine foods (e.g. kefir, cheese), although I'll feel horrid for a day or so I can usually just drink some clay and be fine within 48 hours of consumption. But in this case it's been 30 days since I've stopped consumption and the issues don't seem to be resolving on their own.

Still possible it was the histamine so I'm practicing avoidance, but do you have ideas on how to move forward?