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Body feeling good - mind feeling apathetic

So Ive been (especially) on methylfolate for quite a while now and my CFS body feeling has still not come back.
I'm very happy about this and greatful for every day my body doesn't feel like it's dying.

But in the last weeks I've been feeling terribly apathetic. It's not cool to feel this apathetic.
It's not as horrible as the CFS-body-feeling, but I'd still like it to go away.
Also its very hard for me to laugh about very funny stuff.

I'm certain that my serotonin is low.
But why? Maybe because its winter?

Any recommendations?
Hypericum perforatum? Vitamin D? ..other?


Juice Me Up, Scotty!!!
Murcia, Spain
Strangely enough, when a period of physical wellness starts for me, a deep depression shows its ugly, saddened face. My theory is that it was always there and just the relief of my physical suffering made possible that the psychic suffering became noticeable. I much prefer when I am physically well but mentally bad by the way.

Lately I am often depressed AND physically ill, getting the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana right? lol

Vitamin D is not working for me and I am taking it sublingually. I bought Hypericum in fact and will post about how it makes me feel. I also bought rojal jelly which in fact has antidepressive and anxyolitic properties but orally works poorly. I will take it sublingually. I wish I could inject me or pay someone to inject me all of these things that lose so much efficacy when taken orally.