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bloody noses

sensing progress

Senior Member
Tucson, AZ
I get them way more than the average person does. It seems to be related to diet. When I eat foods I am allergic to (corn/dairy) they increase in frequency greatly. But even when I do follow my diet closely I still get them. We PWC already have low blood volume/pressure, can't afford to be losing any more blood!! :worried:


Senior Member
You know, when I was getting this (I wasn't aware of it, just that I was always running out of energy), I had a lot of nosebleeds. I was still working then, and a lot of the nosebleeds were at work, so they were noticeable to me: I had to stop what I was doing and lie down. Somehow people object to someone ringing them up with gore coming out of their nose.

Haven't had a lot of nosebleeds since. Did do a lot with the neti pot for a while there. Or maybe my symptoms just moved on to something new.

Hadn't ever thought of this in terms of CFIDS, thought-provoking!


I had them a lot when I was a kid before I got cfs... in fact probably the first times I ever got dizzy and lightheaded were related to this. I don't get them much now, thankfully. I agree about not wanting to lose more blood!


Senior Member
I've got a bit of a dust allergy that can lead to my nose lining expanding, and this sometimes causes nosebleeds.

I'd always assumed my dust allergy wasn't that important (it just seemed to make me a bit stuffed up and headachey when I was somewhere really dusty) but I've been feeling a bit better since we've been able to afford a cleaner. Maybe it's more of a factor for my fatigue than I'd realised?