Blood labs ferritin

Stopped looking for answers 5 years ago, but by coïncidence I found my blood labs again.

Seems for over 15 years they are telling the same thing:

- low ferritin (stays very low even though iron supplementation by mouth)
The iron or transferin values may be normal, too low or even too high! Still ferritin will be very low.

- aparently also low folicid acid (which i only know as of yesterday...)

- anti parietal cells in intestines
- small cysts in kidneys

Significantly deviating:

- RBC: too few, too large (but not so deviating that it is extremely unter normal persons so do
so MCV and MCH too high
- Blood plates: too few often
- WBC: these too few, these too many (mixed image always)

Anion gap -whatever it may be: borderline.
Cortisol levels screwed.

Plasma yellow, bilirbubin too high.

Usually neutrophiles too less, lymphocytes too much
Immature reticulocytes : too few
Erytroblasts: too much
Monocytes: too much

Akfa 2 globuline faction: too less
Albumine fraction: too much
Anion gap: too high
Lipases: too high
Fosphate: too low
Alkalic phosphatose too low

WBC esterases
WBC: too much

---> this is not one blood lab.
This are many bloodlabs aggregated during +10 years, every finding that is repeated (so more than once) has been put down.

Hematalogy (only had it done once)
- Complement C3 : --
- cortisol non-morning: ++++
- CD19: ++
- CD3-CD16.56 borderline
- CD3-CD16.56 abs Natur Kill ---
- C4 --

Very sensitive to chemicals/ allergic
Thymusrest (or hyperplasia ????)
- palpable lymphnodes all over the place

Tested negative for coeliakie.

Polyuri especially at night!!!! Have to wake till 10 times a night to go pee because my urine feels to irritate .... I can't stand this feeling...
Extreme fatigue, muscle fatigue / weaking (extreme), PEM, very dificult to do anything, not bedbound but really housebound, being able to do a bit around the house like 5-6 hours a day but that really is it. Further all textbook symptoms: Sicca complaints, aftosis, swollen lymph nodes, sore throats and hearse voice, ...

Must note that I always also had extreme difficulty moving because of my legs and arms feeling so heavy (while my BMI is 16 and not going up whatever I do...)

Okay I start to realise that this low ferritin and some other deviations have been there all my life and may make sense somehow comebined.

Low ferritin (beyond normal population) - low folicid acid (between borders normal population but on low side)
But too big, deformed, RBC's that are too few ?

This is sth that may make sense combined isn't it?

I think we should all put our labs online in an orderly excell overview so that some epidemiologist outside can start building the general picture.


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Your blood results and symptoms can point in a number of directions. Sjogren's Syndrome is the first thing that springs to mind but a lot of things also suggest a kidney problem, either in function or a clearance related problem.

Sjogren's Syndrome can be earlier diagnosed in having a lip biopsy done as the antibodies associated with it can take years to show up as positive. It would still be worth having an ANA and ENA panel run though.

One thing easily overlooked with the kidney is having a narrowed left renal vein affecting venous return of blood to the circulation (Nutcracker Syndrome) but check both the inflow and outflow of both kidneys. A bruit sound may be present to be indicative of either issue so get a doctor to listen for this.

It's not unusual to have Nutcracker Syndrome along with an autoimmune condition and quite often it's a condition among the connective tissue disorders and these includes Sjogren's (as well as Lupus, Scleroderma, MCTD, UCTD, RA)


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@Belgiangirl please post numbers and reference ranges for each lab test you mention. Saying something is too high or too low doesn't show the amount of change.

Example for potassium you could write:
4.5 (3.5 - 5.3 mEq/L)

Also, how old are you?


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Hematalogy (only had it done once)
- Complement C3 : --
- cortisol non-morning: ++++
- CD19: ++
- CD3-CD16.56 borderline
- CD3-CD16.56 abs Natur Kill ---
- C4 --
I would do these tests again to verify and then go and see an immunologist. Did you have the immunoglobulins tested together with IgG subclasses?
This could be copper issue , and perhaps Vitamin A deficiency . Copper is needed for protein ceruloplasmin ,less copper means less ceruloplasmin and ceruloplasmin is needed also for iron . Vitamin A is another nutrient that us needed for making ceruloplasmin. Iron also needs some good bacteria in the gut that assist to get it absorbed , and if candida or other opportunist pathogens take control in the gut it get`s even more complicated as liver also then start to intervene. Some links to read :

Copper deficiency is more common than many believe, there has been also fear mongering about copper toxicity which might scare some not to take copper supplements. Copper toxicity is real, but this copper dysregulation ,the name they use it , is also partly becouse of copper deficiency and vitamin A deficiency since those are needed for ceruloplasmin and without ceruloplasmin copper is free copper in the body ,not bound which can cause issues.