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Got a letter from doc to get BP checked as I'm coming a certain age.
Threw the dust off the monitor last few days first morning reading 155/97 - 160/100. Didnt panic as 8 years with ME it takes a lot to make you panic now.

Not pretty of course. Stage 1 hyper shit.

ME was pretty bad compared to normal In these days. Down to 5 or 6 from my usual 8.

Pop down this morning...groundhog day and voila 124/82. Same guy....same seat.....same I'm a role.model BP or close enough to it.

I notice my hands very dilated ...see pic....and yes you guessed it ME has taken the day I'm flipped to a 9.

Didnt do much different.
I wasnt under any stress etc....they are 7am takes.
Just happens to be my body decided to allow better blood flow all of a sudden.

My muscles aren't as heavy and I feel much more energy of course.

So I wonder what is the miracle ingredient...
Cells uptake o2? More NO ? BH4 problems? Re-cycling..

Wish I knew.
Just throwing it out there.


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My mom's bp almost always spikes at night but is generally normal during the day. We haven't been able to figure out why. She takes Clonidine but just enough of a pill to bring it below say 145/70 or so when it does. Sometimes that means a quarter of a pill sometimes more depending on where we are starting out. Then we wait for a while, take it again, if the numbers are improving with no other symptoms (her nose plugs or her heart races) then we leave it be for the evening.

When she went into the hospital, the doctor thought we were odd with all our quarter doses of this and eighth doses of that but it works for her. One night she needed the Clonidine and I asked the nurse to start with a half. She said she was only allowed to give a whole one and since my mom needed it we went with that but I had a feeling...and yep, by morning she was down to something like 85/60. :(

After that all the nurses gave the partial doses.

Somethings that we have also tried that sometimes works before going for the Clonidine is vitamin E, or non-flushing niacin (niacinamide) and NAC (partial pills but taking the later two together). Using natural things worked for about a year and a half before we finally started using the prescription she had for the Clonidine.

Also a DO we go to for adjustments has a chart on his wall that shows all the things that can affect the reading such as conversations, not sitting with feet flat on the floor and back supported, having to use the restroom, etc. They can make the numbers go 10-15 points higher in some cases or so it says.

Also the DO says it is normal to have a higher reading as we get older and arteries are stiffening up. He said it takes more pressure to push the blood through. He didn't think 150/70 was bad at all but we can tell she does better with lower numbers. Just for reference she's 88 years old.