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Bladder/urinary symptoms!


Senior Member
Victoria, Australia
Although I have heard of bladder symptoms in M.E. namely IC (Interstitial Cystitis) I am wondering whether my symptoms fit this subset diagnosis!

Primarily, on some occasions I have significant 'urgency' yet I don't have a bladder infection. It doesn't happen all the time but probably every six weeks then it lasts for a week or so. Also since I had a general anaesthetic last month I have been experiencing incontinence/leaking of urine. It doesn't happen every day but certainly is unmistakeable.

I haven't had a pregnancy or given birth so it is not due to a weak 'pelvic floor' as some may suggest.

This is not the only symptom which has worsened since the GA but it is the only 'new' symptom.
My symtoms do fit that diagnosis. Especially one week before my period I nearly always get feelings of a bladder infection and/or significant urgency as well. I often have bladder infections but I have them under control now with a cranberry supplement and a kalium supplement as well. Feeling very dehydrated at times, and drinking water doesnt help.
Leaking... not as of yet..

Hang in there!


Just a hunch - get your Vitamin D levels checked. I had urgency and no bladder infection jsut before I had my low vitamin D levels diagnosed and it went away after that -- but I didn't notice because I got a whole heapa life-threatening things at menopause (like going from perfect blood pressure to 184/117 in one day). The 7000 units/day Vitamin D may have been what did the trick.

Not the same for Cansado however because I NEVER got urinary tract infections nor yeast infections or anything while I was low on Vitamin D...but when I took too much Vitamin D (10000 units/day) then it changed my ph so that bacteria could grow and I got a UTI. A UTI is EXTREMELY dangerous for me because I have very high blood pressure and with a UTI nothing but absolute starvation will bring it down. When I stick to keeping my Vitamin D at 70 (via 7000 units/day) I don't get UTI's.