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black tea increases circulating kynurenine concentrations


Senior Member
I don't have a feel for the figures given, but I have a feeling that their 'significant increase' may not mean 'test subject can notice a difference'. Also, does KYN in their report mean kynurenic acid (good stuff) or all kynurenines (some are nasty)? Boosting KYNA might make you feel better, while boosting QUIN might make you feel worse.

I can't be a guinea pig for this test, because black tea gives me insomnia. I'll await your report.


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
The real question is whether or not this is a good idea for PWME in general or a specific patient, or not.

I used to drink a lot of green tea. It never made a major difference, but that could be an individual response. Years back I used to drink a lot of black tea. I don't recall any benefit, but it was a long time back.


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
Black tea makes me feel worse. I love the taste and it feels calming but if I indulge I pay for it for at least 2-3 days afterwards so not sure how this would apply to me.

I thought it was because it was lowering my low blood pressure even more but the last time I tried it my bp didn't move much but I still felt lousy.