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Bizarre and Scary Results from Colloidal Silver (for Probable Lyme or CFS) Felt better too: Confused

I have a long and complex history with a diagnosis of CFS that started with lyme disease. The professor who diagnosed me is adamant I no longer have an active lyme infection, however, after an operation where my appendix burst and I received IV antibiotics as a result I got much better with the brain fog completely going away for a while, so I have aways been suspicious that I have chronic lyme.

I have tried colloidal silver in the past and received mixed results, I had to stop due to being gluten at the same time many years ago unfortunately in the middle of my experiment that long story short caused a slew of side effects. I tried it again recently by starting with a third a teaspoonful at a time and working up to a much larger amount over the course of a few weeks. I eventually drunk half a litre at once and then it went wrong. I did a massive stool (aka a poo, sorry) and it was 3x bigger than any I had done before and I realised I had massively damaged my gut flora, making it a mistake after all presumably.

What is interesting however are the benefits I experienced while doing the experiment (I am not an idiot despite what it may seem, it is a somewhat desperate situation and I have to try something). I actually felt a mild "high" after taking it on many occasions for about a minute or two. At the time I thought it could be either killing chronic Lyme disease (which is possible but not what I was diagnosed with - but I did almost definitely have acute lyme at some point near the beginning which is supposed to have triggered my CFS). Or, alternatively, it could have been killing a microbiotic imbalance in my gut, including the stomach (such as SIBO possibly?) as I have a massive bloated belly and multiple food intolerances including a complex history of gut complex and probable celiac disease (so severe I failed to complete the gluten challenge due to feeling my intestines were being sliced open with a kind of dull pain that felt partially healed and intoxicated me too with reckless rage). So, I endured the treatment feeling periodically fleetingly better, the brain fog trivially improved too and I did feel slightly stinger for a little while after the rather intense "high" would ware off.

I still dont know what caused this high feeling, but my experience with the IV antibiotics convinced me it could be the same thing, maybe (hopefully, maybe I am biased) killing chronic Lyme disease and thus starting to cure my disease. I also have at least 2 what I call "partial colds" where a cold infects me and won't go away properly for months without the cold symptoms properly "hitting in", I just feel I have a cold without actually coughing or having a proper runny nose but more subtle symptoms are definitely there and there is definitely an immune response. is it possible antiviral activity alone of the colloidal silver is doing the positive stuff? Is it bacterial die off causing the positive effects? I also have not been able to get better from the colds, even worse than before, presumably due to damaging my immune system (sadly) from the collodal silver.

One other quirk I noticed was that I had mild twinges of mild pain in my joints a couple of times which I wondered if it could be lyme being stirred back up again as I heard antibiotics reactivate the infection so to speak or something. I could just be biased again here as I am desperate for it to be chronic lyme so I have a treatment avenue to pursue.

Please let me know what you think, relevant experience or especially scientific expertise would be greatly appreciated. For the record I am male, 31 and also have mild POTS, a perforated appendix that got removed and very bad brain fog and walking ability. I cannot stand up straight very well at the moment due to exhaustion (presumably POTS) and I am extremely crippled all round. Please take my case seriously and dont look down on me for trying something out of desperation. I had my reasons and it appears to have gone wrong. I also have a pulsing pain that just started today in my foot from an old possible broken bone. I'm not sure what is going on there but I have had this disease for 10 years now and I am trivially concerned about bowel cancer. It seems my immune system (having wiped it out foolishly with the colloidal silver) is doing something and can't fight the colds off and is making my food wince in pain quite badly. I also have appetite loss and in the morning before I ate anything (I have barely eaten today and if is 3.30pm uk time, where I am from, it hurt quite a lot before I ate, eating seems to have made it die back down perhaps due to releasing some endorphins which I am definitely sensitive too. Please help me, my life is a rotten mess due to my disease. Blood tests often reveal some low immunity but nothing too striking apparantly. I am struggling to finish my piece of writing and I need an expert opinion. Please ask doctors to read my post, I am in need here.

Thank you

Matthew Jones


Senior Member
Please take my case seriously and dont look down on me for trying something out of desperation. I had my reasons and it appears to have gone wrong. I also have a pulsing pain that just started today in my foot from an old possible broken bone. I'm not sure what is going on there but I have had this disease for 10 years now and I am trivially concerned about bowel cancer.
Hi Matthew. You have been through so much. You must feel quite desperate, and I'm sorry you are feeling so utterly rotten.

If you're worried about bowel cancer, then order a FIT (fecal immunological test) -either from your doctor or from a reliable place online. The doc. would be best, but I do know how hard it is to actually GET to a doctor in the UK nowadays, or even have someone answer a phone call to the surgery. (I won't go on about that here, but we are very much left on our own unless we are bad enough to call 999.)

But if you keep ringing the surgery or whatever they ask you to do, there is a chance you will get to speak to a doctor, and order the tests. Stool samples can be collected at home, and it's just a question of picking up the kit and dropping it back in to the surgery, so it's moderately contact-free.

The test may need to be repeated a couple of times with a few days or so in between . But at least if you got a first negative result that might help you?
A FIT test is superior to a FOB (fecal occult blood) test. apparently.

When you say you passed a massive bm, was there anything about that which was abnormal....such as painful, bloody, dodgy consistency, undigested food, terrible colour or smell? If it was a fairly normal (even a little bit hard or soft) b.m. with no pain etc then that could perhaps have been a good thing?

To check for inflammation in the gut, a calprotectin and lactoferrin stool test will help. The absence of inflammatory markers more or less negates many conditions....IBD, Crohn's, etc. It's quite a long list. The tests are very sensitive.

It's so hard to feel so unwell, and so alone, without much medical help. I do know.