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BioRay and VIP Dx Labs present collaborative CytoFlora study results at Autism One


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Link. Full text follows. Not sure if this goes in "research and replications studies" or Media,...,talks,events. Moderators or Administrators move as appropriate.

VIP Dx Laboratory is highly regarded in the field of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and neuro immune disease testing. VIP Dx also tests for intestinal gut dysbiosis by means of the Immunobilan test, the same test used in BioRay's CytoFlora study. The CytoFlora study showed remarkable results with autistic children. Specifically:

Improvement in speech and social interaction
Reduction in abdominal pain and gastro-intestinal symptoms
Until now, antibiotics have been the only recognized treatment for elevated pathogenic bacteria and gastrointestinal inflammation. We test many Chronic Fatigue patients in our laboratory with elevated IgA and IgM to bacterial antigens and most are put on antibiotics for six to eight months followed by a course of probiotics, noted Craig Setter of VIP Dx Laboratory. The CytoFlora results represent the first time I have seen such a significant decrease in IgA and IgM in only a few weeks.

BioRay will be presenting the results and methodology of the CytoFlora study at Autism One.

Eleven children from BioRay's Cytoflora study were also tested for XMRV at VIP Dx Labs. Six tested positive for the gammaretrovirus XMRV. Two of these children are siblings whose mother also tested positive for XMRV. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Director of Research at Whittemore Peterson Institute, will be speaking about XMRV at Autism One. We believe this unique and informative presentation will be of interest to doctors and parents in the world of Autism.

VIP Dx licensed the technology for testing XMRV from Whittemore Peterson Institute. Come and speak with Marguerite Ross, Director of Marketing & Client Relations at VIP Dx, and Dr. Vincent Lombardi, PhD, Researcher & Consultant to VIP Dx. The VIP Dx booth is located next to the BioRay booth outside the main auditorium. This is a special opportunity to hear more about testing and on-going research occurring in the world of neuro-immune diseases.


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Wow six out of eleven! VIP does only the culture test at the moment. Meaning when further
tested with serology and western blot it might be even more.

Let's hope this gets the Autism activists to promote research funding for XMRV. They have
quite a lobby.