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Biofilm / Anti-pathogen protocol three questions related to three products

Can anyone recommend and/or throw light on the following three questions related to natural anti biofilm/ anti-microbial plans:-

1) Are there any recommendations for the best brands of activated charcoal (to buy easily online in UK!) I've always bought J L Braggs Medicinal Charcoal that your average high street chemist does but is this not activated charcoal?

2) This* is a list of part an anti-biofilm protocol used by US autism practitioners Peta Cohen but a lot of others talk of 'special bicarbonate of soda formulations' linked to similar protocols - any idea what makes a formula special and can one make/acquire one's own? used
*Then an hour later you come in with the binders to help mop up the debris. I use chitosan, citrus pectin, a special bicarbonate formula, organic germanium, chlorella and others" Peta Cohen

3) Other infection killing protocols talk about use of Apple Poly and Himalayan salt - but I can't find out what this is used for - is it an anti-herx thing or for other purposes? If it's generally a wise thing to add into an anti-chronic infection programme, can one make ones own by filling empty veg caps with Himalayan salt and buying the apple side, or is there a good non-iniquitously priced brand available in the UK?!

Thanks in advance for replies. My exhaustion is so hardcore at the moment I'm having trouble even breathing just lying prostrate in bed. Typing this has taken it out of me, so am just going to say thank you in advance if anyone replies with any info related to any of this :) and please forgive me for if I am silent Thank you!

[ps in eight years of CFS I've never traditionally herxed on former biofilm or any other protocol bar super strong definitive reaction to Allimed (allicin) but am currently taking lumbrokinase & Interfase Plus (both take previously ) and, with trepidation but having researched as much as possible, thieves oil internally for several days and my exhaustion today is extra extra bad.]


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For a bio-film disruptor my doc put me on Biotics brand Bromelain CLA to disrupt biofilm and then Biotics ADP to take out the bad bacteria. The ADP is micro emulsified to get down where its needed.


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Northcoast NSW, Australia
Not sure if this is useful for you, but I've written 2 blog posts about my use of biofilms and herbal antibiotics. Click on my avatar, to profile page. Footbaths and biofilm; Ammonia Quest...Candida purge. good luck.


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Sorry I can't read much so may have got it wrong. Not a good idea to open biofilms if you aren't taking a 'killer' in either the form of trad antibiotics or herbals. Something like Samento? Thieves oil is pretty harsh.. One capsule of Allicinmax put me on the floor, pretty much shows the bacterial load. you could try the liquid, one drop and work up.