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Beta Amyloid Reverses MS


Senior Member
Very interesting and likely, Crux, seeing how hydrogenated/trans fats, mercury and other inflammatory/damaging toxins are implicated in Alzheimer's. The amyloid could just be a defense mechanism that backfires in the effort to protect the neuron. Humans haven't really seen the levels of environmental toxins that we're subjected to now, so perhaps it's the best our poor brains can do atm.

GcMAF Australia

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There are other possible anti-inflammatory tools,
Dietary eg http://www.naturehaditfirst.com/
Modulation of cytokines
Reveal Therapies (using a type of dialysis)
Vitamin D is anti-inflammatory.
I am working on the theory that all/most (these) diseases are associated with inflammatory mechanisms.
Therefore what helps one disease will help others if it is associated with reduction of inflammation.
Gut bacteria and food intolerances can cause inflammation, seem to affect brain and "cause" CFS
Hope this helps
I seem to remember a paper that associates vitamin D with amyloid levels in brain.
Also a crystallin B is found in brain, cardiovascular and cancers.
In glia cells in brain