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Best labs/best cost for testing

My 4 year old and I are both dealing with dysautonomia and MCAS (going to a specialist for that in a couple weeks.) in the meantime I would like to get us tested for tick-borne infections due to the fact that a lot of our milder symptoms started about 6 months after I pulled a tick off of the back of my leg (had been attached all night long) and I was nursing my son at the time. I am also concerned about mold being an issue. There IS mold in our home, but not the "toxic" kind. We had an air quality company assess our house and the mold rating was very low. I know for the average person this may not cause an issue, but if we are immunocompromised I understand that we could be more susceptible to seemingly benign things. I haven't had any URI's or anything, but my son gets them a few times a year (he is in preschool though so that could be why.) I guess my question is: what company/companies should I use to get us some full spectrum testing done? We don't have much money due to me not being able to work so I need to make our dollars stretch, but also want to use quality labs. Thoughts?