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Best earbuds for little sounds such as TV and talking


Senior Member
United Kingdom
I need earbuds that will cancel out the Little sounds like music playing, TV and even people talking.

Any recommendations please? I bought 3M foam ear buds, and they’re absolutely crap!


Senior Member
If you mean earplugs, there is a certain way to insert them so that they are the most effective.

You have to roll them with your fingers so they're compressed into a cigar shape (at least on one end), then insert that deep into your ear canal, then give it a minute or so to expand.

If you stick them in uncompressed, they won't work well at all and may even fall out.

I like the E.A.R. Classics (yes made by 3M) - they have a 29 decibel reduction - https://www.earplugstore.com/eclpvcfopln2.html

If those aren't working for you, you can get a variety pack from this store and try out many varieties to see what works best for you. I've been getting my earplugs from there for years, and they're a reliable retailer. It looks like they do ship internationally.

Good luck!
London, UK
Hearos (you get them as walgreens in the US, on Amazon in the UK). The least itchy I have found, 32dB I think, they are the best I have tried so far. I also use ear defenders (highest dB model) Peltors that do help for every nose but voice (voice is muffled but not stopped as it's meant to be used for contractors on building sites).
One and/or the other do the job depending on situation.