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Best doctors

Hi everyone,

What do you think are the best CFS specialists out there, anywhere in the world?
I was thinking of Dr Kogelnik from OMI and Dr Montoya from Stanford. They seem to be leading the pack in research.

Never Give Up

Collecting improvements, until there's a cure.
You can search the archives here to find people's experiences over the the long haul. I think looking at who improves under whose care is infinitely more important than which doctors are doing the most research.


Senior Member
Many Specialists focus on different things or believe different hypothesis. There is quite a bit of over lap in what they feel is going wrong in ME/CFS.

From what I have read which is a ton. Depending on who you talk to you may get a different response.

Peterson, Klimas, KDM, Dr. Montoya, Dr. Goldstein(no longer practicing), Dr. Lerner (past away) in my opinion have the most experience with regard to the amount of patients seen.

KDM, Klimas, Petterson and Lerner have all seen or treated over 10,000 patients. That is why they were chosen to develop the CCC Criteria.

KDM has seen 18,000 plus.

I personally would consider experience over everything in my opinion.