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Best CFS Doctors


I am a CFS/POTS sufferer for the last 5 years and I am in the suburbs of Chicago. I was an All-American college football player who woke up one day in 2011 and my life changed. I am in the process of trying my hardest to cure my body naturally.

ARe there any good doctors or functional medicine doctors for CFS in Chicago? If not, who are the best in the US. I know of Peterson and Cheney. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Sean Hughes
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You might want to delete your phone # for privacy reasons. People can contact you on here with a private message (the thing called a Conversation).

You can find functional medicine doctors at this link - I was surprised how many there were in my area. I found a pretty good doc this way. https://www.functionalmedicine.org/practitioner_search.aspx?id=117

It might help if you put Chicago in your title.


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San Francisco
In California, the most prominant are Dr. Montoya at Stanford, Drs Kogelnik and Kaufman at Open Medicine in Mountain View, and Dr. Chia somewhere in Torrance.
I just saw this. Dr William Epperly and Dr Patrick Massey are both pretty good. Both are in Elk Grove. Like you I need a Dr, but not a functional Dr as they dont carry much weight from what I understand with CFS disabilty diagnosis .