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BBC Radio 4 -"Saving Science From The Scientists"


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You'll enjoy this:
Is science quite as scientific as it's supposed to be?

After years of covering science in the news, Alok Jha began to wonder whether science is as rigorous as it should be, and in this two-part series, he will try to find out.

Many of us might be forgiven for assuming that the pursuit of scientific knowledge is a precise and controlled process, one that involves detailed experiments, careful analysis, peer review and demonstrable evidence. But what if it's not as simple as that?

Scientists are human beings after all, so what if they are prone to the same weaknesses, failings and uncertainties as everyone else? And what would that mean for their findings?

Alok delves into dodgy data, questionable practices and genuine ambiguity to ask if human decision making is impeding scientific progress, and if anything can be done about it.

Along the way he hears from academics who think almost all science is wrong, scientists who think the system is in crisis and those who say error and uncertainty are actually an integral part of science's creative process. He'll also talk to a former professor caught out after going to the ultimate extreme - faking his data - to find out what drives someone to betray their entire field.


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I would not have minded if the PACE crew were a rock band.

Maybe that's where the PACE crew went wrong: they should have channeled their crazy thoughts and ideas into music, perhaps as a goth rock group.

I can just imagine their lyrics:

Bad Beliefs — by Simon Wessely and the Psycho Somatics

It's all in your head
It's all in your head
You got some bad beliefs
You feel you're almost dead

So beautiful and healthy
Your life was just ecstatic
But you got some bad beliefs
Now a psycho who's somatic

The doctor cannot help you
Your friends have all deserted
'Cos you got some bad beliefs
Mind and body's got perverted

Your energy is feeble
Your thoughts are slow and foggy
'Cos you got some bad beliefs
Now you're permanently groggy

OK, OK, I'll stick to the day job.
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