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BBC article on the chronic form of Lyme disease


Senior Member
Thanks for posting, Beagle.

The characterization, early in the article, of early stage symptoms vs late stage left me underwhelmed. In my opinion, it does not accurately reflect the scope and degree of Lyme symptoms.

For instance: It may cause heart problems? It can cause cardiomyapathy that has killed people.

Mental confusion (is there any other type?) As in...what?

Aches and pains?


Degrees matter. Authors should iIlustrate the range.

Antares in NYC

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Wouldn't surprise me if there was a backlash in the British press at some point - John Cauldwell has had a lot of publicity and goodwill so far, and it would be typical of the British press to suddenly turn on him. Hope I'm being too cynical here.
I share your concern. The British tabloid press is quite callous, and I cringe at the very possible thought of them holding on to the IDSA mis-guidelines to get vicious on this gentleman and his family.